The Foundation is governed by a Board composed of academics and members of the community.

Ms. Amanda Summer SlavinArchaeologist

Mr. Thomas Ray Jr., Archaeologist;  Attorney at Law

Mr. Raymond CreelyArchaeologist

Mr. Achilleas V. ConstantakopoulosChairman, TEMES S.A.
(Board Member)

Mr. Thomas E. LowtherAttorney at Law
(Legal Counsel)

Mr. William George Tragos, Founder, TBWA Advertising Worldwide
(Advisory Board Member)

Professor Michael B. CosmopoulosUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis
(Academic Member)

Professor Jack L. Davis,  University of Cincinnati
(Academic Member)

Professor Thomas G. PalaimaUniversity of Texas-Austin
(Academic Member)

Professor Cynthia W. ShelmerdineUniversity of Texas-Austin
(Academic Member)