Donor recognition

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the following donors and supporters:

TIER 1 Over $10,000

Mr. Thomas Ray, J.D.

TIER 2 $1,000 -9,999

Professor Costas Azariadis
Professor Elisabeth Fischer and Professor John Camp
Mrs. Matti Egon
Mr. Thomas Lowther, J.D.
Mr. Phil and Mrs. Amanda Slavin
Mrs. Jeanne Tompras
Mr. Bill and  Mrs. Lilli  Tragos

TIER 3 $100 – $999

Ms. Allie Boalch
Mr. David Colello
Professor Michael Cosmopoulos
Mr. Raymond Creely
Mr. Harry Lemakis
Mr. Yiorgos Marathias
Mrs. Miriam Parmentier
Mrs. Julie Sakellariadis, in memory of Helen Cain Wilson
Mr. George Vasios
Mrs. Marie Zografakis

TIER 4 $10-$99

Ms. Aleksa Alaica
Mr. Matthew Andrews
Ms. Courtney Hayden
Ms. Erin Kolks
Mr. Aris V Nicolopoulos
Ms. Sara Shelton
Ms. Ashley Ray
Ms. Bethany Wagenmaker